Sakina Saïdi x War Child Bundle

Sakina Saïdi x War Child Bundle

This exclusive Sakina Saïdi designed bundle comes with her notebook inspired by the incredible children that War Child supports and her Little seeds grow mighty seeds pencil case to hold all your stationery essentials.

Buying this bundle could buy a stationery set for a child in Iraq and set for their teacher including a notebook, a pencil set and a pen set

Over 75 million school-aged children in war-affected countries are in desperate need of educational support and many are already missing out on an education. 

War Child works to make sure children can continue to learn in times of conflict and crisis. We set up learning spaces, provide catch-up classes, rehabilitate schools damaged by bombs and bullets, while supporting teachers operating in conflict zones. 

Buy this bundle and help send children around the world #BacktoSchool.

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    Sakina Saïdi is a French-Moroccan artist living in London. She’s passionate about celebrating diversity through her work, creating stories made of memories, everyday life, and a desire for a better world. She found her illustrative voice weaving colours, shapes, and social consciousness. Sakina’s work dives into themes of gender equality, mental health, and community. Sakina says Illustration is a way to bring people together through shared values.  sakina-saidi-logo.png