About Us

Welcome to War Child's Shop for Good

We have teamed up with our friends from the creative industry to offer everything from bespoke homeware, limited edition prints and virtual gifting, to unique one-of-a-kind experiences – we have something for everyone at Shop for Good. 

Every purchase made will help to support children who are facing emergency crisis situations, in countries where their lives have been torn apart by war. 

For a child, the consequence of war often means going without necessities like food, water and shelter. Add to this diminished access to health, education and protection services, and that child is facing challenges no child should ever have to face.

But just one child caught up in conflict is one child too many. That is why every purchase from Shop for Good counts and will go towards ensuring that we can be there for the children who need us most, when they need us most – because we will never give up on children living through conflict.  

About War Child  

War Child is the only specialist charity for children affected by conflict. For more than two decades, we’ve been driven by a single goal – ensuring a safe future for every child living through war.  

We aim to reach children as early as possible when conflict breaks out and support them long after the cameras have gone. We deliver life-changing services and support in communities affected by conflicts to keep children safe and help them to heal and learn for the chance of a better future.

To find out more about War Child UK - visit our website here.